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OC / R&D Room

For technical support, JAPS provides solutions for the bakery and confectionery industry. We work together with our selected customers, to execute custom work in accordance to their concept and requirements of their manufacturing needs. 

To extend our support, we help to source food ingredients to meet our customers convenience.


JAPS Liquid Room

JAPS produces a wide range of liquid flavors and syrups for the bakery & confectionary industries. 

Our mixing tank has a 1 ton full capacity load per batch.
We produce flavour emulsions, flavour compounds, and flavour syrups & pastes.​

Come discover our flavours!

JAPS Powder Room

Equipped with a double-action, horizontal powder ribbon blender with auto filter. Per batch, our full capacity is able to blend up to 500kg. The machine has a build in liquid tank for plate on capability.

The line uses natural gravity flow. After product has been blended, the powder is discharged into a shifter. After which, moving into the packaging line. 

JAPS semi-auto powder line is able to bulk pack into carton boxes or paper bags from 15kg to 25kg.

For OEM services, contact us for more information.